Current Weather Conditions at Hilton, NY
43 18' 09" N 77 48' 43" W

As of: 09/20/17 6:45a

Temperature: 54.4F Dewpoint: 54.1F
Humidity: 99% Wind Chill: 54.4F
Wind: ENE at 0.0mph THW Index: 54.8F
Barometer: 29.975in and Steady Heat Index: 54.8F
Today's Rain: 0.00in Monthly Rain: 1.16in
Storm Total: 0.00in Yearly Rain: 41.12in
Current Rain Rate: 0.00in/hr Inside Temperature: ---F/ ---% (Humidity)
10 Minute Wind Average: 0.0mph High Speed Wind: 3.0mphat  6:11a
High Temp Outside: 58.6F at 12:00a Low Temp Outside: 54.4F at  6:45a
High Barometer: 29.981 in at  6:42a Low Barometer: 29.959 in at  1:33a
High/Low Monthly Outside Temp: 83.6 F / 39.5 F High/Low Yearly Outside Temp: 87.9 F / 0.7 F

Sunrise: 6:57aSunset: 7:12p Moon Phase: New Moon

Forecast: Increasing clouds with little temperature change.

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